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Did you miss us? Don't worry, the wait is finally over! We decided to take a much deserved break over the holidays and the transition back into the school year. But before we jump right back into drinking as much beer as we can, we want all of y'all to learn how this blog actually came about. We actually met last semester in our Digital Marketing class at CU Boulder. With Alisa's Jersey mentality and Stephanie's sass, we knew we had a lifelong crazy friendship ahead of us! For our semester-long project, we had to create a website and drive as much traffic to it as possible. Of course, we wanted to have as much fun as possible, so focusing our project on drinking beer was an obvious winner! The blog became more than a class project. After the semester was over (and receiving 100% on the project), we decided to continue our brewery tour. How could we not catch up over a beer at the end of the week? Plus we love getting to know all the breweries in our area! So now that we are back, if you ever want to grab a drink with the Babes, send us a message or leave a comment on our post! (:


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