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Singing the Oskar Blues

SUNDAY FOOTBALL IS BACK! We decided to watch our hometown/favorite teams, Bears vs Giants, while drinking beer at Oskar Blues Brewery on Pearl Street. Bears won 17 - 13, sorry Alisa. The Babes had the pleasure of being served by Kevin (also a Giants fan). He had TONS of favorites, some including outside breweries Oskar Blues features. Overall, Kevin had to go with Oskar's Ten Fidy Imperial Stout.

Oskar Blues is definitely unique because they aren't just local to Colorado! The brewery also has physical locations in North Carolina and Texas. So you don't even have to travel all the way to Colorado to try Oskar Blues (even though you should because Colorado is way better). It doesn't stop there! Oskar Blues is also the 1st American craft brewery to brew AND can their own beers. If you want to rep Oskar Blues, there is plenty of merch to go around.

The brewery accommodates to all Covid-19 guidelines and has an extended patio - perfect for a Sunday afternoon hang out. Don't forget your masks!

"We shattered craft beer convention by stuffing our voluminously hopped mutha of a brew, Dale’s Pale Ale, into a portable, crushable, infinitely recyclable can." -Oskar Blues Brewery

As always, we were hungry

Beer, wings, and football is always the perfect combo! Stephanie ordered the honey sriracha wings and the sauce was everything - sweet and spicy. Across the table, Alisa was knee deep in tots with a side her sandwich.


Brew Babes Featured Beers

Lyons Motown Philly: 5.5% ABV

Our east coast babe, Alisa, was excited to give this beer due to the name Motown Philly and Boyz II Men reference, super fun! This beer has a beautiful rose wine color to it, and Alisa and Stephanie might have to trick their wine drinking friends into having a beer with them using Motown Philly. With a fruity smell, and tart taste full of raspberries and a hint of key lime, we could maybe trick a few into thinking this was a rose wine. While of course, this is not a wine, it was refreshing, light and tasted sparkling. This was Stephanie’s favorite out of the beers in the flight, and put us off to a good start at Oskar Blues where we were excited to try more. On a hot September day, this was perfect.

Lyons Hop Grog Exotic IPA: 7.7% ABV

We were so excited to try this brew because it is an IPA with a tiki-style cocktail twist, specifically a Navy Grog and the Three Dots and a Dash. However, we read the ingredients and it is brewed with almonds and cashews. Stephanie was out on this one because she didn’t particularly feel like having an allergic reaction at a brewery today. SO just be aware when ordering this beer if you are allergic to nuts! Alisa took one for the team and tried it. She was so shocked because it doesn’t taste like a classic IPA. It has a little hop to it but overall the beer is super smooth for an IPA. (something that Stephanie would have actually liked). The brew is almost like a hoppy cocktail, with a citrus and nutty scent, and apparently so good that Alisa asked “are you sure you are allergic to nuts…? Would you really die if you had just a sip…?” This brew might just be to die for - definitely a must try.

Just Yonder: 5% ABV

We have definitely not tried any beer brewed with honey, so we were excited for this one. Alisa thought this was a pretty sweet beer and could see herself drinking this with some chicken and waffles. She loved the sweet feel to the beer- not too sticky and light. On the other hand, Stephanie really tasted the hops and did not get too much of a sweet taste. We would love to hear what you taste from this beer! Just Yonder is crafted out at Oskar Blues brewery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina using local honey made in the French Broad River Valley.

Death by Affogato: 6.5% ABV

When Alisa saw “Affogato” on the beer menu she knew we had to try it and get a little fancy with our porter of choice. Even though Stephanie wasn’t feeling a porter today (which was surprising as she always loves all the porters), this was a must try. Alisa actually had her first Affogato this summer, feeling a little fancy. An Affogato is an Italian dessert: vanilla ice cream/gelato with hot espresso poured on top. No, we did not pour the beer over ice cream, but this beer took Alisa right back to the small homemade Italian restaurant in Jersey where she had her first Affogato. Death By Affogato smelled just like coffee, but was not too heavy or bitter. You get hints of espresso, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel, soooo delicious and a great ending for our flight!

G'Knight: 8.7% ABV

Alisa got herself a beer on the side to mourn the second loss of the Giants on this football Sunday, and went with the G’Knight, a double red IPA suggested by Kevin. This beer was a beautiful copper color with strong nature scents and lots of hoppy flavors-totally what she needed. Alisa loved the flavors coming together, not feeling too heavy or too light, and still being a tasteful beer start to finish.


Want to visit Oskar Blues Brewery?

Location: 921 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302


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