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Queen of the Hill: Oktoberfest Prost!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Welcome back beer lovers! Not to start out too cocky, but since we have been gone, Alisa has become crowned a Queen!

Totally kidding - sorta. She is a Queen of the Hill at one of her favorite local breweries - which is where she is taking you for our first comeback blog post. Your Boulder Brew Babes are so excited to be back - both degreed and employed so now we have time (and a reason) to drink and blog about brews. It couldn’t have been a better time with national beer day coming up and Oktoberfest season. We have so many fun surprises planned and can’t wait to share them with you! Let the Oktoberfest festivities begin as Alisa takes you to Iron Hill Brewery in Newton, PA!

This summer Alisa and her boyfriend Kiwi stumbled upon Iron Hill. On their first visit they discovered the King of the Hill Rewards Club. "15 dollars FOR LIFE?” How could you not join? Royal for Life as Iron Hill says. Since then they go once a month and try out the new beers. Iron Hill just recently opened up their 20th location. You can find an Iron Hill from New Jersey all the way down to Georgia! Opening their second location in West Chester, PA in 1998 they decided every location would have an on-site brewery. Ensuring the same quality, freshness, and innovation that made their first location in Newark, DE so successful.

Fast forward to 2021, and as Queen of the Hill, Alisa and Kiwi had to go to the first night of Oktoberfest! Their server, Hannah, was the sweetest even though she was swamped with tables! Hannah’s favorite is the Philly Phavorite! Iron Hill will be having their featured Oktoberfest food menu from September 17th- October 3rd and serving their Oktoberfest out of a 32oz boot until then.


Boulder Brew Babes Featured Beers

Oktoberfest: 6% ABV

Now 32oz of brew is A LOT. But it must be a good beer to finish it all and both Alisa and Kiwi finished theirs. This brew embodies everything an Oktoberfest desires to be: malty - but not overly heavy, and still having some bite while finishing smooth and bold. Kiwi said it was the best Oktoberfest he had and truly felt like a King drinking out of his boot.

Pumpkin Ale: 5.5% ABV

Alisa LOVED this one! You can smell the pumpkin and it makes you want to be at a pumpkin patch in a flannel enjoying the sun. The pumpkin flavor is PERFECT. Trying to explain it is like they sucked the air out of a pumpkin and made it a flavor. Light- but bold, you get all the pumpkin you need. Kiwi doesn’t like pumpkin- but he said it was the best pumpkin flavored anything he has had in his life! But just when you thought it couldn’t get better the spices and vanilla hit your taste buds and WHEW. “Kiss the Brew Master” because this is the one. You can drink a few of these and not feel "heavy" which is why it is perfect for game night at a friend's house!

Jack O’ Latte: 6:6% ABV

Iron Hill’s take on a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and they might as well open up a drive through for the fall just to serve this brew! Not a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for before work- but for after work. Coffee notes on the nose instantly and in the aftertaste. But in the sip you get flavors of malt, chocolate, and pumpkin spice. A sweet beer perfect for a night cap. Kiwi is not a fan of dark beers...but if you noticed a trend here....

Black Is Beautiful: 7.3% ABV

Brewed for the “Black is Beautiful” movement started by people of color and embraced by the brewing community promoting racial equality. $1 of each beer sold will be donated to the Urban League of Philadelphia. This was a Chocolate Milkshake Stout, and it was chocolaty! Kyle again said this is the best one...saying it was brewed in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is for your sweet tooth and we loved it! For the chocolate lover in your life you doesn't like beer-they need it!

Pumpkin Weiss: ABV 5%

Not a heavy pumpkin flavor, this is a great beer for those random 80 degree days in September and October (New Jersey weather!) Refreshing, smooth, and the scent was a little fruity making it a great beer to bring to Football Sundays!

Vienna Red Lager: 4.4%

This was an Amber- so we know Stephanie would have loved it. :( We loved the clean crispness of this beer and it is a great beer to try if you are visiting Iron Hill for the first time! It is a 1999 & 2011 GABF Bronze Medal Winner, 2008 GABF Gold Medal Winner, AND 2008 World Beer Cup Silver Medal Winner. How could you not try it?

Philly Phavorite: 6.7%

What a shame the Eagles can’t be as good as the beer! We know Alisa loves a good IPA and it hurt her to love this beer the day after the Giants loss to the Washington Football Team. It's still too early to talk about it. Nonetheless, Alisa and Kiwi both loved this IPA understanding why it is Hannah’s favorite and where it gets the name from. A very citrusy, hoppy, and bold IPA - you can smell the IPA right off the nose!


Oktoberfest Feast

Not only is the beer good- the food is great too. Off the Oktoberfest menu Alisa had the Huhnerschnitzel- chicken, haircuts verts and almonds, and buttery egg noodles in a lemon herb sauce. Kiwi had the Hackbraten: German style meatloaf in a caramelized onion sauce, buttery smashed yukon gold potatoes, Vienna Red Lager braised red cabbage. YUM! To end the night Alisa and Kiwi finished with the Pumpkin Spice White Russian Cocktail Hannah recommended: Stoli vanilla vodka, Kulula, pumpkin creme liquor, pumpkin puree and a cinnamon sugar rim. DELISH!

Some of Alisa & Kiwi’s favorites off the regular menu are the Char-Grilled Flank Steak, Cajun Fettuccine, and the OMG BLT. The Newton, PA location has indoor and outdoor seating and a bar that is indoor/outdoor! The ambience is laid back and upbeat and a perfect place for date night, a Sunday game, or catching up with friends.


Want to Visit Iron Hill?

Make sure to visit Iron Hill and crown yourself as King or Queen of the Hill! Some benefits include one point for every $1 spent on food purchases, and you receive $20 reward for every 200 points, member exclusive 22oz mugs in the restaurant for the cost of a pint, invitations to exclusive events, and MORE! Now go tell your friends you know what you’re doing this weekend!


Location: (Newtown, PA) 2920 S Eagle Rd, Newtown, PA 18940

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