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Meet the Boulder Brew Babes!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Do you know how many breweries are in Boulder?

20! (Not counting breweries with multiple locations) But that is only a part of the massive Colorado brewery scene. Coming to school in Colorado, we were aware that it is a state big on their beer, but never realized how many there were in our backyard at the University of Colorado Boulder. What do two 21 year old college girls know about beer anyway? Not much and we may fit the stereotype, but now it is time that your local Boulder Babes take advantage of what’s in our beautiful backyard. We are on a mission to expand our drinking preferences to not just wine and vodka cranberries, but be able to talk beer with our dads. Being in Colorado is the perfect place to do this. Our dads may not even know who we are anymore when we come home for the holidays. We both have had limited experience with beer drinking, but are interested in learning and trying more. Our interest has been sparked by turning 21 and being able to go to breweries such as Riverhorse Brewing Company located in Ewing, New Jersey ( Alisa’s hometown and her favorite brewery). Stephanie does not have a favorite brewery yet and is hoping to find it here in Boulder.

This blog is meant to expand our knowledge, try new things, and encourage you to do the same. If you are a girl who doesn’t usually drink beer follow us to learn the lingo and branch out of your comfort zone. Drink that IPA with no regrets! If you are a beer connoisseur follow us (maybe laugh at us) and teach us more. We encourage everyone (21 plus of course) to join us on our journey.


Alisa is on the left and Stephanie is on the right


Come Join Us!

Not only are we newbies to the brewery scene, but we are both first time bloggers. From this blog we would like to give our followers an interactive relationship that goes both ways between us and you. Learn the lingo from our Brewery Cheat Sheet that we will be updating. Learn about the breweries in Boulder themselves and the beers they offer. Learn what we like based on our taste, or what our server recommended. Get information on the food breweries offer, the weekly events, and the atmosphere of each one. If you know beer and just want to drink with us, come along and read our posts. We would love to meet our followers and at the end of every post we will share what brewery we will be heading to next! If you need directions or a link to the brewery, we got you covered for that. We plan on posting after every brewery trip. Stay tuned for special edition posts too. If we seem like your kind of people, and why wouldn’t we be, be apart of our Boulder brewery fun.

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