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Let's get twisted at Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Our very first stop on the Boulder Brewery Babes Tour is Twisted Pine Brewing Company. Let's just say Twisted Pine set the bar HIGH for the other Boulder breweries. It is such a fun and family-friendly environment that made us feel right at home. Twisted Pine has an "Events and Games" area that allows people to rent out the space and play some outdoor games like Darts, Cornhole, and even Giant Jenga! There are also TVs all over the brewery that would make it the perfect spot to cheer on the Buffs while enjoying an ice cold beer. If you end up absolutely loving Twisted Pine, they have apparel for sale so you can sport your favorite brewery anywhere you go.



Great Service = A Great Time

Our amazing first wouldn't have been possible without our waitress, Jackie! She seemed to know everyone in the place, making the community aspect of Twisted Pine really stand out. We explained how we are touring all the breweries around Boulder so we can expand our knowledge on beer and her face lit up. She was so excited and immediately started giving us the run down of Twisted Pine beers. She particularly likes hoppy and citrusy beers, but made recommendations to us based on our own preferences. If you are looking to have a good time and enjoy a glass of beer, ask for Jackie!

Jackie's favorite Twisted Pine beers:

  • Apricot in the Act: 6.4% ABV, 12 IBU

  • Mr. Browns: 5.9% ABV, 23 IBU

  • Intercept: 7.4% ABV, 85 IBU

  • Party Chapple: 6.7% ABV, 6 IBU


Find your zen while drinking a beer

Yoga on Tap

Saturday, October 19th @ 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Twisted Pine Brewing Co, 3201 Walnut St Ste A, Boulder, CO 80301

Taught by Twisted Pine's very own, Jackie! And it gets better, for only $16, you get a free pint of beer or kombucha after the session. All levels are welcome. Check out it out on the 19th and you may get to meet the Babes! Our coordination skills may not be compatible with yoga, but we are here for a good time and a pint of beer.



Brew Babes Featured Beers

Left to Right: Mr. Browns, 100 Cent, Rice & Shine, Apricot in the Act, and Home Slice

Mr. Browns: 5.9% ABV, 23 IBU

The ultimate fall drink - Pumpkin Spice Brown Ale with a sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of caramel. If you like pumpkin spice lattes, we HIGHLY recommend trying this beer out. The beer goes down extremely smooth without a bitter or hoppy aftertaste. Instead, you are left with a pleasant cinnamon and pumpkin flavor that lingers, leaving you smiling after you take a sip. You also have an option to add whipped cream! And we 100% here for it! The combination of cream and pumpkin spice just made us want to jump into a pile of leaves and embrace fall.

100 Cent: 7.1% ABV, 58 IBU

100 Cent is 100% hoppy! The unique thing about this Twisted Pine IPA is that it is made with hops exclusively from Centennial, Colorado. How fun is that?! If you aren't a huge fan of hoppy beers, don't worry neither are we, but 100 Cent has a mild hoppy flavor that smooths out as you keep drinking. The "citrus and floral aromas" were not as intense as Twisted Pine describes, so it is definitely palatable.

Rice & Shine: 4.8% ABV, 13 IBU

Once we read that Rice & Shine was brewed in Jasmine Rice, there was no doubt in our mind that we had to try it! Brewing beer in rice was a completely new concept for us, but we liked Twisted Pine offered a classic American lager with a Thai twist. Rice & Shine was light and refreshing lager that you can drink for a long time without feeling bloated or getting too tipsy. This is a great beer to try if you are not a fan of a strong hoppy or bitter taste.

Apricot in the Act: 6.4% ABV, 12 IBU

If you enjoy sour beers, Apricot in the Act is the drink for you! Twisted Pine wasn't kidding when it described the beer as having "big fruit kick and tart finish." The first sip took us completely by surprise because of the powerful sour flavor. This wasn't one of the Babes favorite beers, but it was interesting to try something that didn't have the "typical" beer taste.

Home Slice: 5.6% ABV, 20 IBU

What's up homeslice? This light ale embodies summer with a crisp cucumber taste. It is a tad hoppy, but not overwhelming at all. We recommend trying this beer if you want to ease into a more hoppy flavor.


Want to visit Twisted Pine?

Location: Twisted Pine Brewing Co, 3201 Walnut St Ste A, Boulder, CO 80301


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