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Hippo Spotting In GERMANY!

Alisa’s first Oktoberfest celebration was one for the books at her hometown brewery! When your local brewery has beer this good- staying local is always a win. Shout out to the River Horse staff-always the friendliest, Flounder Band, and John Collins- a live accordionist, for all their time and effort to make this night a memorable one.

If you haven't already checked out our Hometown Special: New Jersey Edition give it a read to find out more about River Horse Brewery and the brews they offer! Here's what you missed and why you should be at River Horse's next event!

Dance Like No One is Watching

You know the dancing you do when you're alone on a Sunday morning cleaning? Or in the shower to your favorite playlist when your singing thinking you can actually hold a note? Yeah- we brought those moves out. Truly- nothing brings people closer than dancing. The dance floor was packed until the very last song. Flounder killed it and kept the energy electric the whole night! Everyone brought out their inner rock-star and some people were just waiting for their time to shine. We think Kiwi and a new friend have been waiting for this moment.

Stein Hold Competition

How it it ended.

Sadly, another L was handed to Alisa and Kiwi when they failed to hold the Stein full of beer for the longest. Say what you want, but this is harder than it looks. Alisa lasted 1 minute and 45 seconds while Kiwi beat her with a time of 2 minutes and 58 seconds! The competition was too fierce, Alisa's training for next year has already begun.

Selfie Competition

Pics or it didn’t happen! The winner received coupons from River Horse.


Toss the bratwurst into the bucket! River Horse has a beautiful outdoor seating area- their Beer Garden, where this event took place so guests could watch and follow the tournament bracket all the way to the championship.

Donation Raffle

Alisa and Kiwi both brought a case of water to be donated to Fisherman’s Mark in Lambertville, NJ. If you didn’t know, River Horse originated in Lambertville and many residents are/were displaced, some without running water, from Hurricane Ida. 1 case of water was one raffle entry!


Boulder Brew Babes Featured Beers

These were the beers Alisa and Kiwi were sipping on all night long, to read about more brews visit our original River Horse feature: Hometown Special: New Jersey Edition.

Triple Horse: ABV 10%

River Horse's take on the Belgian Triple, this is a fan favorite at River Horse! Having had this before, Alisa knew she would love it! She gets hints of banana and spice on the nose, and she loves the smoothness of the beer. At first the taste took a little bit of getting used to as this is a flavorful and relatively heavy beer in Alisa's opinion. To be high in alcohol content, full of flavor-without being bitter, and smooth is a win in Alisa's books!

Hipp-O-Latern Imperial Pumpkin Ale ABV 8.1%

Moving from River Horse Summer Blonde (Alisa's favorite beer) to Hipp-O-Latern officially marks that fall is here! One of the best things about fall beers are the spices included in the brew process! The pumpkin flavor is subtle, and there was not a heavy malt feel. Alisa found this beer to be lighter than expected, making it her go to beer when it was time for another.

Alisa's Favorite River Horse Brews

Take a trip to their tasting room and try them for yourself!

Summer Blonde: Blonde Ale

Hippo Libre: Kettle Soured Ale (brewed with orange peel, lime juice, and Pink Himalayan Salt, aged in tequila barrels!!)

Hipp-O-Latern: Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Raspberry Triple Horse: Belgian Triple


Want to visit River Horse?


Location: 2 Graphics Dr, Ewing Township, NJ 08628

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