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Guten Tag from Denver Oktoberfest

Have the Babes been in authentic German Lederhosens before? Absolutely.

Will those photos be making an appearance? Absolutely not.

The Denver area was blessed with 6 full days of beer drinking for Denver Oktoberfest on September 17-19th and September 24-26th. With Stephanie living blocks from Denver Oktoberfest's location, attending was a no brainer.

There was everything from concerts, stein hoisting, keg bowling, brats, and oh yes, beer. And lots of it. Cider also made an appearance for our gluten free/non-beer drinking friends. The Denver Oktoberfest even resembled a festival with RFID wristbands. This made it extremely easy to pay for beer and brats. All you had to do was tap your wristband and enjoy.


Denver Oktoberfest Commemorative Stein

When purchasing tickets, you can either choose general admission OR general admission + a stein. The Babes just went with GA to scope out the event and if we wanted a stein later, we could always purchase at the event. However, when checking in for our wristbands, WE WERE OFFERED FREE STEINS. Being a Boulder Brew Babe definitely pays off time to time. 😏 A huge shoutout to the staff for making our Oktoberfest experience one to remember. Just a heads up, they are suppeeerrrr heavy to carry around so just keep filling them with beer and you'll never notice.




Grab a night cap of Hidden Gem Ice Cream

Denver's Oktoberfest is in a perfect location in Lodo. Great walking distance to other bars, late night food spots, and the most unique ice cream shop. Hidden Gems is a MUST VISIT in Larimer Square, right down the street from the Oktoberfest celebration.

Whomever designed the inside of Hidden Gems needs a raise. Definitely going for the "Instagrammable vibe" and we are here for it. All you have to do is grab a menu and pencil at the door and fill out your order. The easy part is choosing between the two ice cream flavors, chocolate or vanilla. But then you get to the topping section, and are you in for a treat. Some of the toppings include Cheez-Its, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Iced Animal Cookies, Froot Loops, Smorz, and the list can go on. The best part is you can keep going back cause the amount of topping combinations are endless.

Definitely check out Hidden Gems on your next walk through Larimer Square!

Location: 1411 Larimer St. Denver, CO


Missed out on this year's Denver Oktoberfest?

Keep an eye on the Denver Oktoberfest website for next year's dates and tickets. The Brew Babes will definitely be in attendance.

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