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Don't worry Upslope, we didn't forget about you!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Before our lives were turned upside down by Corona, we visited Upslope Brewing Company (the Flatiron Park location). Now that the Babes are back in business, we wanted to finally share our experience with y'all! And believe us, you will want to hear because we closed out the brewery on a Friday night. Our waiter, Zach, was absolutely awesome to chat with and gave us great information about the brewery throughout the night. He was particularly excited about Upslope being present at the Winter Wonder Grass Festival in late February. The festival just so happened to be in Steamboat Springs so Stephanie perked right up. After enjoying a flight and nibbling on a late night snack, we were just about to leave when we got distracted by the apparel... Yes, we know, poor Zach was probably praying we would leave. We couldn't help but to check out the selection. Luckily, Upslope sells their apparel online so we could just waste more time on deciding what shirt to get.

Upslope has switched up their menu since we were there, but from our experience, YOU NEED TO GO! The brewery is NOW OPEN from

2 pm - 9 pm EVERYDAY, so you really don't have an excuse not to go. Please make sure you wear a mask and limit parties to 8. Stay safe and go enjoy a beer at Upslope!

"Meteorologically speaking, an upslope is a front range-covering, water-table-filling, snow-dumping weather pattern that anyone with bindings and a roof rack would die for. Beerologically speaking, it’s carbonated gold." -Upslope Brewing Company

Upslope's Das Pretzels

Although Alisa tries not to get tempted by the food menus when we visit our local Boulder breweries, she could not resist Upslope’s “Das Pretzels”. By the end of our beer flight she was hungry, and if you know her, you know she is a soft pretzel fiend. Her pretzel, which was the size of her face, came out warm with the perfect amount of salt. It did not disappoint and she will be back to have another one for sure, or even try the empanadas which looked just as delicious.


Spiked Snow Melt: 5% ABV

Have a gluten free friend in the group? No worries, they won't have to sit in the brewery and just eat popcorn the whole time. Upslope has a gluten free spiked seltzer option, Snow Melt. Spiked Seltzer is the new water to anyone over 21. I mean why not try Upslope's version? Only 100 calories, 6 different flavors, and 1 good buzz. The best part, CU SELLS SNOW MELT AT FOLSOM STADIUM DURING FOOTBALL GAMES! Believe us, completely worth it on game day. The brewery has even expanded the seltzer line by introducing an Electrolyte Series (mixing in a hydrating drink mix in with the original seltzer recipe).


Brew Babes Featured Beers

Oatmeal Stout (Nitro): 5% ABV

Love is an understatement. We love this limited release Nitro Oatmeal Stout. If you closed your eyes and smelled this beer, with hints of cocoa, you would think you were in your grandma’s kitchen as she makes oatmeal raisin cookies (which are underrated in our opinion). And then as you open your eyes and take a sip, you might actually want to add this stout to your grandmas family recipe. WOW. We expected this to be a heavier stout, but, with it being a Nitro, it was flavorful, light, and smooth in taste. This is a great winter beer, perfect for the endless snow Boulder has been having these past two weeks! We beg you to stop by and try this brew, it was our favorite of the night.

Pumpkin Barleywine: 11.6% ABV

This malt forward brew had such an interesting unique flavor that reminded us of pumpkin bars mixed with wine...but also beer. Within one drink, you get so many flavors. After trying our first barleywine brew at Sanitas, we were up for another one, and got some great information about these mysterious brews from Zach. Zach let us know that this was an American Style barleywine making it a sweeter malt forward beer compared to an English style of barleywine that is more hop forward. It was very sweet to Stephanie but Alisa tasted spice. She felt the initial taste was sweet as can be, but hits the back of the throat with a kick of spice. This is a heavier beer, so drinking a lot might be a challenge, and with a 11.6% ABV, you might end up regretting that. With it being a dessert wine, we wouldn’t recommend this for a burger, but definitely after a meal on a nice fall or winter day.

Mary Jane Ale: 5.2% ABV

Stephanie checked this one off the list first! She was so excited to try this hop forward beer in collaboration with Winter Park Ski Resort, as she has grown up skiing and it is a huge part of her family and life. Alisa on the other hand has yet to go skiing but plans to this semester (we will keep you updated on that mess). This beer is true to the name. It is a hop forward beer, but in the sense that it is still a smooth beer with flavorful bursts of hops, making it an easy refreshing drink. Stephanie can see herself craving this beer on the mountain relaxing after a long ski day.

Wild Christmas with CO Plums: 9.4% ABV

If someone took a picture of our faces after we tried this beer, we would like to frame it. Our faces lit up when we tasted this beer. Going from the Pumpkin Barleywine to this was a huge difference, but this is our second favorite after the Nitro Oatmeal Stout (it was a hard decision). We felt this one also had a fruit wine smell, refreshing and energetic. It could be our juice in the morning. With so much spunk, this is a tart beer, made from Colorado plums. It started as a “regular beer” but then they add the sour taste every year changing the fruit of choice. One of the past fruits had been cranberries! Bring this to your next “girls night summer chilling” event. We want a fun straw with a fruit or umbrella on the rim while we relax by the boulder reservoir. Makes us want to put on a polka dot bikini and dance around. Alisa said, “I’ve never had a plum, but now I’ve had plum beer and that’s close enough”.


Want to visit Upslope?

Flatiron Park Location: 1898 S. Flatiron Court Boulder, CO 80301

Lee Hill Location: 1501 Lee Hill Dr Boulder, CO 80304


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