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Chicas Bonitas at Sanitas

This week the Babes visited the amazing Sanitas Brewing Company! Sanitas is the hidden gem tucked away in the industrial park near Foothills Parkway. The brewhouse backs right up to the railroad tracks with a beautiful view of the Flatirons. It's the perfect setting to enjoy a refreshing pint of beer as you relax on the patio. Want to bring your dog with you? No problem, Sanitas is a dog-friendly establishment. We met Boulder's cutest puppies during our visit. Inside, there is an open brewery environment where you can see the huge brew kettles and fermenters. Who knows, maybe Sanitas will start hosting brewery tours to give a little insight on their brewing process! If you fall in love with Sanitas as much as we did, they have merchandise for sale. The Babes may have to go back to pick up a cute hoodie and hat to show our support. (:

Sanitas has set the bar even higher for the rest of the Babes' brewery tour. A huge thanks to Chuck and Anna for showing us a great time, we will definitely be back soon!

"Crafting handmade, creative beers using sustainable methods for the enjoyment of our patrons and ourselves" -Sanitas


Curious about the logo?

A main reason we wanted to visit Sanitas early on our brewery tour was largely because of the adorable owl logo. But what does an owl have to do with beer? Well when the founders began home brewing, an owl would constantly visit night after night to keep them company. The owl turned out to be good luck because Sanitas is a huge success today! The star above the owl represents the 6 ingredients needs to make beer. Hats off to the founders for the creativity on the logo!

Sanitas Brewing Co.


Grab Some Grub

Other breweries we have visited have their own food menu so we were eager to see the spread Sanitas offered. However, we got something even better, the McDevitt Taco Supply food truck! Yes, that's right, Rayback Collective isn't the only place where you can enjoy a Boulder food truck. We absolutely loved how Sanitas decided to partner with another Boulder establishment to support the growth of local businesses. The food truck is also open ALL YEAR LONG! So even when the snow starts coming down, you can still enjoy a delicious super heady taco with your refreshing beer. McDevitt would never leave beer-lovers hanging.


McDevitt Taco Supply Food Truck


Sanitas' Wing Cook Off

We went to Sanitas on the right day because they were hosting a wing cook off between five Boulder breweries and restaurants. Guests could enjoy 10 wings and a Sanitas' beer for only $20! After filling up on wings, you could use your ticket to vote for your favorite wing style. It was such a fun environment with a live band, plus what's better than wings and beer?

Sad you missed out on the wing off?

Don't worry, Sanitas has plenty of other events for you!

  • Full Throttle Yoga: 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of each month @ 10:30 AM

  • Craft Pilates: Every Monday @ 6:30 PM

  • Brewhouse Yoga: Every Tuesday @ 6:00 PM

  • Geeks Who Drink Trivia: Every Monday @ 7:30 PM

  • Live Music by DJ Eric P: Every other Friday @ 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  • Tag #Sanitas4Sanitas for BOGO Beers: Instagram @sanitasbrewing



Brew Babes Featured Beers

Left to Right: Munich Amber Lager, Cranberry Blackcurrant Sour, Odin's Barleywine, Black IPA

Munich Amber Lager: 7.0% ABV

One of Sanitas' seasonal beers that was just added to the menu! Stephanie is a regular amber-drinker and this was added to a list of her favorites. The Munich is a very light and drinkable beer, perfect for a crisp fall day. This beer reminded us of a football tailgate, just having a great time with friends.

Cranberry Blackcurrant Sour: 5.0% ABV

Let's just take a moment to admire the color of the beer because it's so pretty! But other than the color, the beer is absolutely delicious! You definitely taste a hint of cranberry with the blackcurrant in the aftertaste. There is a sour kick but it doesn't come in until the end of the sip. This sour beer was just added to the seasonal menu for fall but we could honestly see ourselves enjoying this beer all year round. Make sure you head on over to Sanitas and try the Cranberry Blackcurrant Sour, we have a feeling you'll fall in love with it!

Odin's Barleywine: 9.8% ABV

Skip the cake and cookies. Forget about the coffee and Baileys. We have a new dessert in town. From the name to the taste, this beer does not disappoint. This mysterious and boozy beer is named out of respect to Odin of Norse Legend (we had to think of Marvel to remember who he is, hint, Thor's father). First sip reaction, “Oh I like it...but I’m not sure what I’m tasting...but I like it a lot actually”. Let the heavy and creamy flavors overtake you and enjoy every sip, you will want to keep drinking.

Black IPA: 6.5% ABV

Our first Black IPA! The key to a black IPA is their malty flavor. This is Sanitas This is a perfect IPA for a fall and winter day. Our favorite part about this beer was the fact that the IPA flavor did not “slap you in the face” with the first sip. It was smooth- unbelievably smooth. You taste the hoppiness after the swallow, and on the back of your tongue. We both loved our first Black IPA, and plan on drinking this more during the winter season!


Sanitas' unique core beer

Train 28: Belgian Ale: 6.3% ABV

This Belgian ale has its own unique tradition at Sanitas. The brewery backs up to train tracks and every time a train goes by, Sanitas flips over a huge hour glass (featured in the first picture of this blog post). Everyone has roughly 15 minutes to grab a half-priced Train 28. Only $2.50 for a beer? Count us in! We were lucky enough to be at Sanitas when a train went by and just like clockwork, everyone lined up for their beer. If you want a half-priced Train 28, visit Sanitas on a Saturday because trains go by more often.


Want to visit Sanitas?

Location: Sanitas Brewing Co, 3550 Frontier Ave Unit A, Boulder, CO 80301


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