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"You know I like my chicken fried and a cold beer on a Friday night"

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The next stop on the Boulder Brew Babe Tour is The Post. It's perfectly located in downtown Boulder, right next to the courthouse. The brewery has a country feel to it, so Stephanie, being from the Midwest, felt in her element. Other than beer, The Post is known for their crispy bone-in fried chicken. It almost felt like someone was going to make us a homemade meal. So coming back from Thanksgiving break, it was nice to still have that "at-home" feel to it.

There is a brewhouse in two of The Post's locations, Boulder and Lafayette. In the Boulder location, there is an older system that takes a specialized brewer to actually stir the ingredients in the beer kettles. With this, each batch comes out a tad different depending on the brewing of that day. The Lafayette location has a more modern and computerized system. The Post enters the Great American Beer Fest every year to show off their unique beers.

"Beers that are gosh darn delicious, memorable, and something you will want to put in your mouth repeatedly." - The Post


The BEST Chicken and Waffles

Stephanie is personally a chicken and waffles fanatic. What could be better than breakfast and dinner in ONE meal?! So when she heard they had this on the menu, she came hungry. While Alisa sipped on her Rooster Cruiser, Stephanie devoured the chicken and waffles. The combination of the light/flaky waffle and juicy chicken breast was heaven on Earth. It was topped with a cranberry tomato chutney and maple syrup on the side. The Post's chef, Matt, actually came out of the kitchen to speak more about the brewery. They recently completely revamped the menu to make everything more fresh and made to order. And the chicken and waffles definitely proved that.



Brew Babes Featured Beers

Backyard Saison: 5.6% ABV

This beer is dangerous and is a fan favorite at The Post, so make sure you give it a try on your next visit. It is extremely light tasting, almost like you are drinking a hoppy cloud. It is a beer for everyone, perfect for a backyard get together with friends & family playing cornhole, grilling, and just having a good ole' time. While the cloud taste (if clouds had a taste) makes it an easy drink for anyone, you are able to taste the hops at the end giving off a pinch of bitterness and tart.

El Corn: 5.5% ABV

El Corn is a Silver Medal winner at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival for the International-Style Dark Lager category! We were ready to take on this Mexican Amber Lager. This beer is a darker shade and has a mysterious smell, but gives off notes of malt. On the first sip it gives off a distinct flavor that you taste right off the bat and throughout the sip entirely. The first sip is mysterious, but we actually really ended up loving this beer.

Rooster Cruiser: 8.8% ABV

This beer is heaven on earth for IPA lovers! Bring on the Double IPA, Alisa thought as soon as seeing this beer. On the other hand, while Stephanie is still warming up to Imperial IPAs, she was a little skeptical at first. But we’re your Boulder Brew Babes so you know we gave it a go! Alisa had her first Double IPA this October in Boston, and was waiting to try another one, Boulder style. While this beer is delicious- holy Chautauqua, that is a strong beer. Loads of flavor and personality. Don’t be fooled by the sweet smell, these hops are working and with an ABV of 8.8% this is not type of beer to take home to meet your mother.

Hibiscus Session Apple Cider:

On our visit we had two guest appearances: Kate Creamer from Chicago, and a cider! Kate said “I’m not a connoisseur.” We looked at her and said "neither are we," at the same time. Kate tried the Hibiscus Session Apple Cider here at The Post because she is gluten free! Do not fear though, for those who are gluten free there is a selection of gluten free beer here! This cider looks like cranberry juice with a brighter shade to it. Kate said the hibiscus flavor was subtle, but loved the fruity and sweet tastes. “I feel like spring”. This drink is fun, fierce, and flirty!


Want to Visit the Post?

Boulder Location: 2027 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Lafayette Location: 105 West Emma St., Lafayette, CO

Longmont Location: 1258 S. Hover Rd., Longmont, CO 80501

Rosedale Location: 2200 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80210


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